Orange Then Blue:
GM Recordings 3023

FUNKALLERO coverOrange Then Blue has long been recognized as one of the driving forces of contemporary big band music.  Since bursting out of the busy Boston jazz scene nearly a decade ago, the group has become widely known as a creative force to be reckoned with.  Appearances at the Montreal International Jazz Festival and New York City’s Knitting Factory drew large audiences eager to hear Orange Then Blue for themselves.

On Funkallero, Orange Then Blue’s fourth release on GM, the 12-piece ensemble performs nine original compositions and arrangements by drummer George Schuller, saxophonist Matt Darriau and other band members, drawing from the extended jazz forms of Charles Mingus, the provocative orchestrations of Gil Evans and the haunting folk melodies of Bulgaria and the Andes, among a plethora of other sources.  Tying it all together is the loose-limbed swing that has made Orange Then Blue a superb ensemble and an ultimate soloists’ band.

Matt Darriau, alto saxophone,
soprano saxophone, flute, clarinet
Adam Kolker, Dave Finucane, soprano saxophone,
tenor saxophone,
baritone saxophone, flute,
bass clarinet
Stan Strickland, flute (8)
Allan Chase, soprano saxophone,
tenor saxophone (8)

Roy Okutani, Andy Gravish, John Allmark (8), Diego Urcola (8),

Ken Cervenka, trumpet, flügelhorn
Rick Stepton, trombone
Peter Cirelli, bass trombone, euphonium
Tim Ray, piano, synthesizer
Paul Del Nero, bass
George Schuller, drums, percussion
Russ Gold, percussion
Vincent "Sa" Davis, percussion (8)
Bob Weiner , additional perc (2,9)
Alain Mallet, synthesizer, shakers (4)
1. Funkallero (Bill Evans) 9:52
2. Panama (Matt Darriau) 9:40
3. Eleven (Gil Evans, Miles Davis) 4:27
4. Koo-Koo (Alain Mallet) 9:29
5. Moose the Mooche (Charlie Parker) 9:29
6. The Griff (Adam Kolker) 6:30
7. Ot Med Li Ti Sa Ustata (Traditional Bulgarian) 4:36
8. Ahmad the Terrible (Jack DeJohnette) 10:06
9. Boy George (George Schuller) 10:08
Recorded on (except #8) August 14-15, 1989 at Inner City Sound in Boston, Massachusetts and (#8) recorded live November 19, 1989 at the Majestic Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts.
Producer: George Schuller
Executive Producer: Gunther Schuller
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